Class-D Amplifiers

As you have come to expect, Bone Crusher is about quality at a price that hits the best value for money on the market. These new class-D amplifiers are an excellent example of that philosophy.
Incorporating class leading performance, quality Korean manufacturing and "super model" looks, this new range of amplifiers is has already disrupted the status quo.

There are 3 models in this range

  • M9750, Monolithus. Rated at 9750 W RMS
  • M5150, Dominium. Rated at 5150 W RMS
  • M3100, Velox. Rated at 3100 W RMS

The amplifier model numbers represent the amplifiers genuine rated RMS power at 1 Ohm (at less than or equal to 1% THD) @ 14.4V input.
Each amplifier is encrusted with an original Polynesian style art work.
The screen print is the same colour as the amplifier so as not to stand out too much and thus spoil the beauty and simplicity of the heat sink design.

The M5150 and M3100 are both strapable, meaning you can bridge one amp to another of its type. 2 strapped amps will produce their individual maximum rated power when a 2 Ohm load is presented across the 2 amplifiers. This may be advantageous in some system configurations.
The 9750 is a stand alone Amplifier so it cannot be bridged to another 9750.

BoneCrusher™ Class D Amplifier M3100 Velox

1 OHM stable
Line In & Line Out
Master-Slave Data Link
Nickel-plated RCA connectors & screw terminals
Thermal, Over load & Speaker short protection
Variable Infrasonic High Pass filter
Adjustable Phase control
Remote Volume Controller
Power & Protection LED Indicators
S/N Ratio: 90dB
RMS Power 4 ohm: 1100W @ 14.4V
RMS Power 2 ohm: 2000W @ 14.4V
RMS Power 1 ohm: 3100W @ 14.4V
RMS Power 1 ohm: 4150W (AT 10% THD @ 14.4V)
Frequency Response: 10Hz-250Hz
Max Current Draw 420 Amps (100A/1000 Watts)