Subwoofer Enclosures

Heavy Weight Boxing is the best way to describe the Bone Crusher BCX12 subwoofer box.
When it comes to subwoofer enclosure technology, they simply don't come much tougher than this.

With the proliferation of ever increasing amplification power, and the abundance of large power/long throw subwoofers, there needs to be a subwoofer box made for this type of heavy duty work....... so we invented it.

The BCX12 incorporates a very clever slot port design that forms part of the wall structure of the enclosure. The port wraps around the back of the subwoofer, effectively making it the rear side of the enclosure. By using re-enforcing spars, inside the slot port, the 2 layers of the port effectively become one so that the wall behaves as if it was a 2 x 18mm layer.

On all other faces of the enclosure each baffle is made from 2 x 18mm MDF layers sandwiched together giving it a baffle thickness of 36mm.

To accommodate the extra energy needed with todays subwoofers the port area is very large allowing the port to be more responsive.

The terminal block comprises 2 sets of terminals for different wiring configurations ( accommodates DVC "Dual Voice Coil" woofers and includes a bridging bar)

so what does this all mean? this tech leads to just one simple thing, Bigger Bass, In your face..