The new Bone Crusher speaker range is currently under development. Here is a sneak peek at what we are up to.

Both the 6 inch splits and 6 inch 2 ways use a 6.6 inch cone with a 6 inch footprint basket. They will handle at least 70W RMS and have a mechanical capacity to take up to 200W RMS without polling. Normally this would mean a very deep speaker.
However, we have designed a new basket and new cone shape and structure that gives us the depth where we need it (in the motor structure) and minimal depth where we don't, from the motor structure up (The cone depth). To do so, we had to create a special pulp made from Coconut husk fibre, banana and... hemp fibre.
The result is outstanding capacity, Long throw bass performance and a relatively shallow speaker. Don't expect this kind of technology to turn up in other brands soon. This technology is all custom designed and engineered right here.

BoneCrusher? BC 6.1

Product is currently at its final stage of production, details coming soon!