Bone Crusher subwoofers bring together decades of subwoofer design experience to find the fulcrum of performance and value for money.
Bone Crusher subwoofers are already forging a great reputation in the market for taking flogging when used as an SPL subwoofer whilst surprising users with their musical credentials.

Key features of Bone crusher sub woofers are:

  • Hi Efficiency: Power is good... but efficiency is even better. Heat is the enemy! The more "sound" the sub can make from the least amount of power improves the life expectancy of your subs.
  • Large diameter Voice Coils: Min 3 Inch Multilayer with heat treated windings.
  • Clever T.S. Specifications giving a balance of SQ and SPL performance with minimal subwoofer box size requirements.

BoneCrusher? Bass Battle 12" Subwoofer

VAS: 52.4 litres
2x2 Ohm DVC
FS: 40 Hz
QTS: 0.71
QMS: 5.6
QES: 0.81
XMAX: 30mm (one way linear)
Ref SPL: 88 Db